Add a little zest 

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I discovered something.

Spice. Zest. Flavouring. The smell of coffee. Every organization or community or person needs it.

Kings have jesters. Newspapers have columnists. Our communities have artists, comics, novelists, playwrights and musicians. Even though they’re often wrong and not experts, they amuse, prod, unsettle.

The people who actually do the work in this life then go on and do it better.

My discovery

I discovered I was one of these creatives, that it was OK, and that sometimes it even helped people.

I’m a Christian, and a writer. I’ve been both these things all my working life. My blog is currently one minute’s reading, once a week or so.

Start with two simple ideas:

  1. The Christian faith is revolutionary.
  2. It’s kind of slow.

This blog is all about living and thriving in this puzzling world, trapped between the sublime and the small, the ordinary, the disappointing, the comic, and the crazy.

Elsewhere on the site you can find my other writing. This includes writing about the Church around the world, subversive comic fiction about the inner life; and non-fiction wanderings between faith and doubt.

Two of these titles can be downloaded free:

Here’s a list of recent blogs.

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