Sons of the Mughals


Christianity in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan

[amazon template=image right&asin=1850786089]We define the Sons of the Mughals as the Muslims of South Asia, and they are indeed the spiritual heirs of the people who built both the great Mughal Empire and its most glorious symbol, the Taj Mahal.

I have the idea that this is such an important book for my intended audience — the church-going, committed Christian public — to read. Pakistan, for example, gets such a poor press in the West. The truth about it — or at least, the truth according the people I interviewed — is more complex, in some ways more disturbing, and yet in other ways most heartening. The crisis deepens, but optimism grows. As in the Arab World, extremist Islam somehow misfires and opens a door for Christ. My Christian friends in Pakistan see this repeatedly. Comfortable, though, it isn’t.

If anything, the stories coming out of Bangladesh and Afghanistan are even more extraordinary, and not things I want to put on so open a place as the web. Christians are being killed in each of these three countries for their faith. We have to hope and pray that the day comes when you are judged in the culture by the content of your character, not the labels you wear, or the labels you discard.

Here’s a review.