The Wheels of the World

2nd c0mic novel in the series

Thanks to a near-death experience, Jamie Smith can commute between earth and the heavens, where souls swim, ideas grow and improbable dollops of joy fall through the sky.

Jamie and his scary colleague Keziah have been recruited into an eccentric organization that tries to fix broken souls and change the course of history. Which is fine, except Jamie isn’t too sure about the health of his own soul—and definitely doesn’t want to find out.

He’d rather be working for The Department, the heavenly bureaucracy that plans the future universe and offers a 30-hour working week, enviable employee benefits, and a tennis-skirted line manager named Anna-Natasha.

As Jamie dithers, dark forces close in, and time runs out, he’s left with a decision: if he’s fleeing from himself, which way should he run?

The Wheels of the World is a comedy about how we change on the inside.

Brilliant continuation of the first book, I enjoyed the style and characters as well as the quirky look at life/death and everything in between. Could it really be so??! Eagerly awaiting the next book!  – from Amazon

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