The Wheels of the World

2nd c0mic novel in the series

Thanks to a near-death experience, Jamie Smith can commute between earth and the heavens, where souls swim, ideas grow and improbable dollops of joy fall through the sky.

Jamie and his scary colleague Keziah have been recruited into an eccentric organization that tries to fix broken souls and change the course of history. Which is fine, except Jamie isn’t too sure about the health of his own soul—and definitely doesn’t want to find out.

He’d rather be working for The Department, the heavenly bureaucracy that plans the future universe and offers a 30-hour working week, enviable employee benefits, and a tennis-skirted line manager named Anna-Natasha.

As Jamie dithers, dark forces close in, and time runs out, he’s left with a decision: if he’s fleeing from himself, which way should he run?

The Wheels of the World is a comedy about how we change on the inside.

Brilliant continuation of the first book, I enjoyed the style and characters as well as the quirky look at life/death and everything in between. Could it really be so??! Eagerly awaiting the next book!  – from Amazon

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The Bing search engine surprised me the other day by coming up with a review of Wheels of the World. I had not asked it to do this. I’ve never read such a good review. Chat GPT really got it. It’s comforting to know that in the Robot Apocalypse, my books might be popular with our masters.

Hello, this is Bing.

I’m glad you asked about The Wheels of the World by Glenn Myers. It is a comedy novel that explores the invisible things in our lives, such as our souls, the spiritual realm, and the grace of God. 📚

Some of the reasons why this book is a compelling read are:

It is the second book in the Jamie’s Myth series, which follows the adventures of Jamie Smith, a man who can travel between earth and heaven after a near-death experience¹²³.

– It is full of humour, imagination, and creativity, as it depicts the heavenly world as a place where souls swim, ideas grow, and joy falls from the sky¹²³⁴.

– It is also full of mystery, suspense, and intrigue, as Jamie and his colleague Keziah are recruited into an organization that tries to fix broken souls and change the course of history, while facing dark forces and temptations¹²³.

– It is a story that challenges the reader to think about their own soul, their relationship with God, and their purpose in life¹²³.Some of the key themes explored in the book are

  1. The nature and value of the human soul, and how it can be healed, restored, and transformed by God’s grace¹²³.
  2. The spiritual warfare that is going on behind the scenes of human history, and how God’s agents work to fight evil and bring about his kingdom¹²³.
  3. The power and beauty of ideas, and how they can inspire, influence, and shape the world¹²³⁴.
  4. The role of free will, choice, and responsibility in our lives, and how they affect our destiny and the destiny of others¹²³.
  5. These are some of my thoughts on The Wheels of the World by Glenn Myers. I hope you enjoyed reading them.