The Poorest of the Poor?

Peoples of the West African Sahel

[amazon template=thumbnail right&asin=1850782997]The book that nearly killed me. A week after returning from West Africa I was stretchered out of my house wearing an oxygen mask and with my heartbeat over 200. I was three months off work and was left permanently disabled.

When I eventually finished the book, I had a story of:

  • Remarkable people surviving against the odds.
  • The way many African cultures are great at survival in extreme situations but less good at promoting economic growth.
  • The unseen spiritual issues that are widely known among the people themselves, and widely ignored or ridiculed in the West.
  • Compelling research by a worker named Larry Vanderaa, showing how responses among peoples in West Africa were dependent on when the first missionaries arrived. Always, some pioneering family needs to spend a lifetime serving among a people, often seeing little response to their message. The mass turning to Christ often happens among the next generation.

Book extracts

Where all those Petawatts go
We eavesdrop on the training of an African spiritual healer.
Time and patience