1. Since publishing my first book in 1985, I have written or co-written around 20 books, published with various specialist Christian publishing houses, including STL, Scripture Union, Christian Focus Publications and Authentic Media. If we include the legal translations (into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese) and don’t count the pirate copies (Indonesian), more than 150,000 copies of my books have been sold.
  2. In January 2012, 15,000 copies of my books were ordered to help Chinese house-churches prepare and send missionaries of their own, as part of the so-called Back to Jerusalem’ movement.
  3. In 2008 I won a holiday in Singapore with a small piece of copywriting.
  4. In 2019 I was shortlisted for ‘blogger of the year’ in the Premier Digital awards.
  5. For a long time I’ve worked alongside the brilliant team who research the story of Christianity and other religions around the world and publish their findings in the magisterial handbook Operation World.  I’ve worked on the Operation World app, the abridged Pray for the World, and 52-week A5-sized world prayer course, this latter written in partnership with the Lausanne Organization.
  6. I also write my own stuff, mostly wandering around the no-man’s-land between faith and unbelief:  three comic novels, various magazine articles and a non-fiction series: More than Bananas: How the Christian faith works for me and for the whole universe.; Bread: My search for what really matters; and The Sandwich which is a collection of around 20 years of columns on Christian discipleship.