For your ears

Audio is definitely my favourite medium after print; no worries about what my face is doing, where my arms are waving, or whether those clothes were a good idea. I am worryingly fond of open microphones.

Here’s a selection of recordings that those of us who like podcasts might enjoy. I also did a series of readings of the entire text of More than Bananas which is elsewhere on this site.

Radio interview

This is an interview I did with Talk Radio Europe about my book Bread in March 2022


My life as a story teller, Jane Austen’s Emma Woodhouse, and the big story that surrounds. A talk originally given to our St Martin’s Men’s Breakfast Group.


Some of my talks, which mostly were given at St Martin’s Church Cambridge. I’ve selected a couple associated with Christian festivals, and the ones I’ve used date to pre-covid times, when we actually had a congregation.

A talk for Trinity Sunday (June 16) 2019.

The Trinity (Trinity Sunday, 16 June 2019)

A Christmas talk: the power of the small and the promise of peace. Based on the Magnificat and Micah 5. Christmas 2018, St Martin’s Church.

On not giving up – a little bit of the why, and little bit of the how. First given at St Martin’s Church.