[amazon template=image right&asin=1850785503]It was just pure privilege to spend a few months immersed in this book — the first one to be researched by my colleague Chrissie, who started travelling and interviewing for me when my health and circumstances prevented me spending my publisher’s advances on plane trips for myself.

When the Chinese start to become Christians, just like when the Chinese start to do anything, the balance of the world tips. In the Briefing we look at the three main attempts to bring the gospel to China over the past two millenia, how the third took off, and what’s happening now. And we tracked the first beginnings of the indigenous Chinese missionary movement, the so-called Back to Jeruslem movement — a missionary movement, incidentally, that has helped  translate some of the Briefings into Chinese.


A well-balanced view of China today, and a helpful guide. Paul Hattaway, author of The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun.

Combines serious research with racy modern style, very fair, robustly truthful in a gracious way … a really good read. Tony Lambert, OMF International.


Some great stuff:

China Source is an American multi-agency effort ‘to provide an up-to-date and accurate analysis of the issues and opportunities facing Christians invovled in China service.’ They produce a quarterly newsletter (fee based) and a website.

OMF are the former China Inland Mission and a wonderful source of information on China, as well as opportunities for service among the Chinese around the world.


Further reading

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Many years in the writing, and in the process seeming to speak to everyone from world leaders to simple peasants, an extraordinary book, giving a chilling picture of the man who killed so many millions and who attempted to destroy the church. I found it utterly compelling.