Wholesale prices are available to everyone in the UK so long as your parcel includes at least three books. The downside? There isn’t one.

For individual copies, try your favourite internet bookshop or order from your favourite bricks-and-mortar outlet. Or don’t use your favourite one. Any one will do. Just, buy the book. Look, in any case, you’ll probably need more so you may as well buy in bulk from the outset…


front coverThis page should allow you to buy approximately the number of Bananas you need (so long as you need 3,4,5.10, 20, 30, 50 or 500 copies).  Sorry it’s a bit crude but note that you can order 100 Bananas by simply ordering 50 twice.  If that’s all too complicated or you need absolutely definitely need exactly 175 copies  (for example), please email.  The price (normally £6.99) starts at £5 each for 3 copies, and decreases again at 4, 20 and 500 copies. Postage is free in the UK.

Bananas x3

Bananas x4

Bananas x5

Bananas x10

Bananas x20

Bananas x30

Bananas x50

Bananas x500 — ARE YOU SURE??

Aussie pricing

We can print our titles in Australia and the US. Aussie pricing for More than Bananas looks like this (E& OE):

5 or more A$8.00 each
10 or more  A$6.50 each
15 or more A$6.00 each
72 (which is one box) or more A$5.50 each

For quantities of 2-5  we get stung by disproportionate shipping charges and a handling fee, which makes them A$11 each.

A single copy is best bought from the Book Depository in the UK at £6.32 post free or approx A$11.50.

Please email us with your orders or if you have questions


comic novels

Paradise - a divine comedy by Glenn Myers

Cover art for 'The Wheels of the World' by Glenn Myers

Any 3 books are £17.50 and post free

(35% discount – save £9.47)


Any 4 books are £21.50 and post free

(40% discount – save £14.46)


Please email us for bulk orders outside the UK, or if you want different permutations from those listed.For single orders, try your local bookshop, or one of the internet suppliers.We don’t do returns, unless the books arrive damaged.