Swing low, sweet chariot

It’s coming


Why do we work to see the gospel come into every cultural nook and corner of the human species?

That would be because it:

  • gives strength to the weak and comfort to the sad
  • straightens the crooked
  • empowers the poor
  • restores purity and wholeness to the soiled and damaged
  • rebuilds broken families
  • turns substance-abusers into useful members of society
  • offers hope to the broken
  • helps people forgive the unforgiveable
  • provides community to the lonely and care for the sick
  • drives movements of social justice
  • lets the shamed find mercy and the pleasure-lovers find meaning
  • reconciles enemies
  • welcomes strangers
  • masters our fears
  • steers the hot-headed into thoughtfulness, wisdom and peace
  • underlines the beauty of an ordinary life
  • takes the sting out of death
  • opens the way for peace with God


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