Here comes the sun

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

SunriseI welcomed the chance recently to dig around and ask the question  “what (actually) is the Kingdom of God?” If you had to answer a quiz about it, what would you say? Here are five things.

  1. It’s wrapped up with the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus and him sending the Holy Spirit. His death fixed things up between us and God. His resurrection was the first drop of new wine into the old wineskins of the world, and it broke a tomb. His Ascension was his coronation. Sending the Spirit to revolutionize human lives was his first act in office.
  2. It’s now and not yet.  It’s breaking in among but this is just the first installment. The rest is yet to come. So we enjoy peace now which is an appetizer for the peace that will break over the whole world at the end the age.
  3. It’s internal and external. It’s about transformed hearts and revolutionizing society. It weaves together the quietist and the activist strands of the Christian faith.
  4. It grows. Like a mustard seed or yeast, tiny but resolute, it can be poisoned, stamped out, wiped out, set back, but it keeps coming.
  5. It comes in and through weakness. Hence the Beatitudes: ‘Happy are you who are spiritually bankrupt.’

2 thoughts on “Here comes the sun”

  1. I enjoyed your thoughts this morning. It’s an interesting way of saying it: “It weaves together the quietist and the activist strands of the Christian faith”. I still hear too many comments about avoiding social gospel from people who have a real heart for the word but seem to have fallen off this tightrope.
    You may think me a pedant but I need to ask… with a title like “Sun, sun, sun, here it comes” should someone be turning off the snow!
    Your calendar will be with you today or tomorrow.

  2. Er– yes. Good point. Snow effect on website will cease when I take the Christmas decorations down.
    Then all we have left is the real stuff…

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