Mathematical proof of the looming shortage of church treasurers

You read it here first

Trumpeting angelIt’s simple really. Look at these global figures 1

Annual rate of growth of Christians: 1.8% (roughly the same as population growth)

Annual rate of growth of worship centres: 2.4% (mostly because of the continuing rise of independent churches)

Every year, therefore, the number of worship centres increases faster than the number of Christians does. And–to a first approximation–every worship centre is an accounting unit. Each one needs a treasurer. So the demand for church treasurers is rising at 2.4% p.a. while the supply of church treasurers is only growing at 1.8% p.a.

This is what we journalists like to call a Looming Shortage. Don’t say I didn’t sound the trumpet.

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  1. Bonk, Jonathan. 2014. “Status of Global Mission 2014.” Bulletin of Missionary Research 38 (1); I came across this stat in Kenneth W Howard, “The Religion Singularity”, International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2017, Well done to Howard for spotting the trend; sadly the rest of the article is disappointing.

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