Bread (forthcoming)

Taking hold of what really matters

A crisis or illness can make us focus. Instead of feeling:

Life is passing me byI’m not doing what I want to doI’m missing outI’m too busy

We can start asking:

What do I love?

Whom do I love?

What am I for?

Answering those questions is contentment instead of restlessness;  it’s finding our daily bread.

This book is for everyone who doesn’t want to learn the hard way.

As part of the pre-publication celebrations, I am circulating extracts of the book via my slowmission blog. They should appear below as they are published. Most are scheduled to be published between mid-July and September 2021.

Advanced review copies of Bread are now available till February 18 2022 (the publication date is Feb 19). Thanks to the clever people at Bookfunnel you can download the book onto your phone, kindle or computer *here.* Comments and reviews welcome.